CAF Management Services

Complying with the regulation of TRI, It is mandatory to maintain a completely accurate CAF form. A noncompliance to the same may mean heavy fine, disconnection of the customer’s mobile number, dissatisfied customer or at the extreme scenario a complete shutdown. Hence it is imperative to manage the CAF with utmost diligent.

While the above is very important,The job in its nature could be mundane, prone to error and misses and it also bares the huge capex and opex to maintain such huge number of paper document.

Lotex has devised intelligent means to eliminate errors

  • With an in intelligent amalgamation of our professional forms processing services team and advanced technology we provide custom solutions that can convert huge volumes of hardcopy and image-based forms into electronic formats
  • Customized data entry forms and automation is provided to reduce errors
  • Manual intervention is reduced by utilizing technologies like OCR/ICR , or a combination of manual-encoding techniques to deliver best result to our customer
  • Our native experience with technology has helped us customize software for highly structured and massive volumes of data ensuring faster delivery and high quality irrespective of the project size
  • Data accuracy is of apex importance to us, combining it with a strictly secure environment, ensures the optimum value of our services

Key benefits

  • Focus on Core Activity
  • Reduced Error
  • Fast Scale up
  • Reduced Opex, Training, Facility, Man power
  • Customer Satisfaction