Credit Card Form Processing

Another win-win instrument by the Banks is Credit Card. There goes a lot behind the scene to maintain an account. The 1st step to begin this journey is Credit Card Form. This is an elaborate form that captures all details of the applicant. These forms amount to few thousand per day in a single territory. Storing the same is a big challenge and it doesn’t end there; The data needs to be migrated to the online application of the Bank. While this is not a core activity of the Bank, it still spends considerable amount of money, time and resource to maintain this process.

Lotex has been instrumental in reducing this burden off the Banks. We have successfully been able to culminate manpower and technology to solve this purpose.

  • Combining our professional forms processing services team and advanced technology we provide custom solutions that can convert huge volumes of hardcopy and image-based forms into electronic formats
  • Customized data entry forms and automation is provided to reduce manual intervention
  • We utilize technologies like OCR/ICR , or a combination of manual-encoding techniques to deliver best result to our customer
  • We have customized software for highly structured and massive volumes of data ensuring faster delivery and high quality irrespective of the project size
  • Maximum Data accuracy and a strictly secure environment, ensures the optimum value of our services

Key benefits

  • Focus on Core Activity
  • Reduced Error
  • Fast Scale up
  • Reduced Opex, Training, Facility, Man power
  • Customer Satisfaction