Loan Document Processing

Loans are one of the most important instruments for a BFSIs and a proper processing of it not only ensure faster disbursement but also credibility and higher returns. On the other hand it also comes with typical challenges of Missing entry, Recollection, Online Entry, Storage, Retrieval etc.

Lotex, with its innovative mix of secure custom application and skilled manual labor have been able to not only simplify the process but also streamline the activity, resulting to a faster and error free loan document.

Using our state of the art scanning mechanism and domain experts we have been able to achieve a faster turnaround time and long standing and satisfied customer.

What goes behind a successful processing

  • Our Inwarding Agents maintain a proper Inwarding process flow to ensure zero confusion
  • Audit Team follows a stringent Check list to scrutiny the loan and supporting document. Complete Documents are passed on to the scanning team and balance is sent back to bank for rectifying the missing .
  • Digitization Team , Scans the document, Indexes them, Tags them and then hand overs to Data Entry Team
  • Data Entry Team through our advanced application , quickly fills the data and hands it over to Quality Team
  • Quality team after thorough check uploads the document on Client’s Website.

Key benefits

  • Minimalistic scope for Rework
  • No Requirement on extra resource
  • Secure and Process Driven
  • Quicker Turn Around Time