Policy Enrollment and Processing

Remember filling up a bunch of forms with your insurance company… Yes those forms are the one which stands as testimony to protect your life, health and valuable assets. What if those forms are lost or didn’t have the accurate data.At time of need you are leftwithout any document!!! Well that’s a scenario that would not occur, as Lotex has taken the responsibility to digitally process them, with all accurate information in timely fashion.

  • Huge volumes of hardcopy and image-based forms are no more time consuming task for Lotex,combining our professional forms processing services team and unconventional technology we provide custom solutions that can convert these forms in a short time and with highest acuracy
  • Custom-built data entry forms and computerization is provided to reduce manual intervention
  • We combine technologies like OCR/ICR , or a combination of manual-encoding techniques to deliver best result to our clients
  • We have tailored software for highly structured and massive volumes of data ensuring faster delivery and high quality irrespective of the project size
  • Maximum Data accuracy and a strictly secure environment, ensures the optimum value of our services

Key benefits

  • Focus on Core Activity
  • Reduced Error
  • Fast Scale up
  • Reduced Opex, Training, Facility, Man power
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Better TAT